There is more than just trimming trees


Don’t make your tree service business one note. If you are thinking of starting a tree service business put some diversity in the services that you will offer. Give the people more than cutting and trimming trees. How about being their one, stop, shop kind of place for all things green? They may come for the spaghetti but stay for the pie, you know what I mean? The oppurtunities for your skills are abundant. Try not to limit yourself to your basic commercial and residential tree trimming and pruning. Allow your business to have a bit of diversity in its portfolio. Master each service and the people will come.

Along with taking care of trees, allow you customers to partake of the advice of your arborist. Allow them to benefit from his or her wisdom. This could happen in any number of ways. Having a question and answer portion on your website. Alternatively, a drop box in your office where people can ask questions. Even offer arborist consultant services. Have your arborist go on site and conduct on site plant analysis and diagnostics.

Another thing to consider providing is natural resource consulting. On different type of forestry and ecological services. Maybe aiding business and communities

Especially now with some many cities allowing its residents to take over empty lots and turning them into community gardens and farms. Also providing insect, deer, and disease management.

Let us not forget utility services. Make people and other businesses aware that you offer utility safety. Have experience and training in clearing trees and branches from lines safely. In addition, are great in an emergency. Many utility companies subcontract to tree service business. There is no reason why that cannot be your business getting those subcontract and contract jobs. Over the past few years, this country has suffered from some horrible natural disasters. The only good that comes from one is the boost in the economy. A natural disaster thrust people into employments. Moreover, your tree service business should be one the first companies called with Mother Nature brings out her not so pleasant side.

In addition, of course you must offer what people expect commercial and residential tree services. Because that is the heart of the business, the bread and butter. Folks will always need someone to install a lightening protection system for their trees and evaluate their structure. Nevertheless, that does not mean that you must limit yourself to just that. There are so many opportunities out there available to you. Do not missed out of them because you are suffering from a case of tunnel vision.

If you are just starting out offering all of these services may seem like a lot. In addition, overwhelming. Make a plan and include these services those services you will like to include in your repertoire. Including a timeline and plan of when and how you will start to include these other services. In time as your business grows and matures, it will not seem like such a large task. It would seem like the most fitting thing. Kinda like how I started this blog.

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School of arborist: Everything about arboriculture


It is true that a tree service worker or business owner is not required to have any type of formal education. Many workers and business in this industry have not attended a two-year or four-year college or university. They probably never will. That has not to say that there are not any course studies or programs that a person can take that. That will enrich and aid him or her in their business. Here are a few majors or course programs to consider. Learning is growing.


Arboriculture is the science or practice of cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, vines, all woody plants. A person who has a degree in this field is refer to as an arborist, arbor culturist, or even a tree surgeon. In this area of study, its students will learn all about selection, fertilization, shaping trees and the like, as well as disease, infection and pest control. He or she will be train in the how to care for a tree. All of which is skills that will greatly enhance a tree service business expertise. Allowing the business to be qualify for a multitude of different jobs and clientele. Such as conducting tree hazard surveys for a business.


The study of horticulture is very similar to agriculture in that it deals with cultivating, managing, rowing, and restoring plants. Only those plants, trees, and shrubs used for medicinal purposes instead of food. It also includes learning about landscape restoration, increasing a crops disease and bug resistance, and improve these type of crops production, health, and abundancy.


Botany is a study that has been around for thousands of years. It is the study of plant biology. A person majoring in botany will learn how different plants and trees have evolve over time. In which ways has their relationships and structure changes or remain the same. He or she will be able to breed and splice different genetics within a plant or plants, possibly create new species of plants. A botanist in depth of a plants structure, genes, and pathology can really aid a tree service business. Allowing for a development in ways other tree service business may not be able to match. Such as creating your own fertilizer blends. Alternatively, manipulating a tree structure so that it becomes resistant to the hardship and disease that other trees in your climate fall to.


This is the study of conserving, promoting, caring, and managing our forest. It will include a wide range of knowledge such as wildlife habitat, logging and timber control and production. How to protect and preserve our community’s woods and plant life. Different methods on how to combat soil erosion and water depletion.

Any one of these majors can run a successful tree service business. Especially if it is paired with a business management or entrepreneurial major. This person will be unstoppable. Able to understand a tree, take care of it, and provide it with the best possible resources to thrive. Attaining an associate or bachelor can be an investment worth making.


Townsend tree service: Bringing community together, Extreme Skills


While spending 20 years in the construction business I had a pleasure of getting to know some great tree service companies here’s one of them.
A tree service that works
Townsend tree service and their work ethic, remind me so much of my brother in law, of whom I admire very much, and his work ethic. It’s all about compassion, kindness, and a job well done. Now, I am a nature lover, but I am truly not an arborist at all, because I know deep down that when it comes to understanding trees, I’m not an expert at all. Yet, I can and will tell you that when it comes to trees and tree services as a whole, that I not only care about a job well done, but I do instead demand it, and I do know that deep down, I want the same effort that I put into life, to be put into taking care of my trees.

Trees: simple, beautiful, taken care of
Trees are beautiful, and that’s just a reality of life. If there is one thing, I’ve always enjoyed, and I mean always enjoyed, it’s knowing that trees are not only special, but that they have a real meaning to me, and they matter to me, and they are important to me, my life, and the life of my family. Too often, we look at life, and we think it’s all about the rush of thing. Fast mode, then faster, and faster, but nothing could ever be further from the truth. The reality is simple; trees. Trees and their beauty, and no one takes care of my trees, exactly the way I want them to, like Townsend tree service. They are kind, compassionate, caring, and simply and truly the best of the best, and for that I am so happy.
Thorough, not rushed, thorough
You need to know something very important, and that is that it’s not about how fast you get something done, but instead it’s a real and true thorough nature, and that’s exactly what you get with Townsend tree service. You get kindness, compassion, a heartfelt and caring attitude, and so much more. They not only care, but they also put you and your needs first; always. They take their time pruning, and cutting trees with accuracy, and unlike our fast pace society, they know that it’s in the heart of who we are that makes them so much more than just another tree doctor company.
My final thoughts
Trees. Trees are beautiful, trees are special, and they should be kept up, taken care of, and so much more. Thus, be sure to get and have the absolute best. Be sure to take it slow, and appreciate it all. Be sure to do just that with Townsend tree service, taking a close look is one sure way to discover the next best companies out there.


The tree service career path may be just right for you


The economic outlook for the tree industry is great right now and for years to come. So if you considering a career, career change or starting a business it is definitely something to look into. There are many names for a person in the tree servicing industry: grounds worker, ground maintenance, lawn care specialist, forester, tree trimmer, all of these occupational title are applicable to the tree service worker. All of which essentially does some same thing. Taking care of trees, shrubs, and vegetation.

Worthwhile Incomes

According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is a lucrative business. Moreover, it is a position that does not require any formal education. Just a person that does not mind hard work and the great outdoors. With a growth rate of 13% for the years 2012-2022 it is around the national average, there is a good chance of finding work in this field.

A tree service worker should expect to make an hourly rate of $15.85 or $32,960 in a year. Which is not too shabby for a job with does require any formal training, license, or education. Depending on where a person lives in a country that is enough money to ensure a stable life. But if you have a great company like one in Springfield MO then they will pay you lots more like $30 per hour depending on how good you are. So there is lots of great potential in this industry.

No Formal Education

Although this occupation does not require any type of formal education if a person wants to increase his chances of employment and secure a higher salary, he or she, should at least obtain an associate degree in arboriculture, horticulture, botany, forestry, or urban forestry. This educational background with give a person an understanding of plants, their growth patterns, how to properly care for, how to recognize disease and sickness, and a number of other things that would greatly benefit a person in this industry. As well as set this person apart from other applicants that maybe vying for the same position.

One who may be interested in this field is that person that has an eye for detail, mechanically inclined and enjoys working with his or her hands. That person that is dependable and reliable. Exhibit self-control and leadership. A person that can just as efficiently work alone or in a group. These character traits are pertinent in an industry where dangerous equipment is use and many time working in a team is necessary. There will be many instances where a person will be entrusting their life to you and yours to them. If someone is unreliable then that could lead to many work place disaster and harm.

From Employee to Business Owner

One great thing about this type of industry is that is easy to go from tree service or grounds worker to business owner. After some years of experience owning a tree service company maybe be in the works. With experiences and expertise, it would seem that that type of transition would be easy to initiate. Allowing for great earning potential in an industry that is steadily growing.

So when considering the next career move look into the tree service industry. It has the potential to lead a person down a wonderful path and into a great life. Full of reward, excitement, and satisfaction. You may discover a new life


Review of one great Tree Company


As an immigrantit always fascinates me to study the best of the best tree care companies in the US that makes over a million a year in revenue and companies that’s constantly going after their vision in life, and taking over whatever the industry that they might be in. I get inspired by the possibility of what can be possible for me if I keep going after my dreams and vision of one day becoming a self-made millionaire like Jordan Belfort.

Here is my quick review of the local tree care company called Tip Top Tree Service, they are raved as the best in the business by many different sources such as getting high rating on home advisor and other sources.

Tip top and the best

Tip top tree service truly cares, and that’s the bottom line, and I know this as someone who likes to have a good time, and who don’t want nothing to get in the way of it. Still, living all the way out here in Tennessee, I know first hand that hard work doesn’t come easy, and when it comes to making sure that, the hard work I want done is done right, so I can keep partying, then I need to turn to the best. For that reason, I heard from a buddy of mine, and I decided to turn to Tip, top, tree service; where service with a smile, was met with all sorts of great things, and for that I’m happy and thrilled.

Their services

Tip Top tree services from start to finish, always put their best foot forward, and truly for that I am not only thankful, but I am also very happy as a whole. The reason I am so happy is because their services are simple, affordable, and they give me a reason to not only want to use them again, but I would recommend them for tree pruning, tree cutting, and a wide variety of other services as well. Now, of course one of the things, I needed done right away was pruning, because my trees look like total garbage, unless they are pruned, and/or taken care of. Thus, I was very happily surprised and happy in general when it came to making sure that my trees where taken care of when it came to pruning needs, health needs, and so much more.

Tip, top, and on with life

I enjoy getting on with life. I enjoy making sure that I not only get the best, but that I have the best when it comes to everything I want in life, and that includes my trees, and all of their needs. Truly, all I can say is thank you. Thank you to Tip, top, tree service, of which is the best of the best when it comes to tree services, that keep what I need in tact, so the party can keep going on.


How we saved our tree


My parents died in a plane crash when I was nine years old. I can faintly remember the smell of my mother and the laughter of my father. After their death my Nana took me in. Nana has always been kind, no nonsense type of woman. She lives on what’s used to be a farm. In the backyard there is this huge maple tree. As I look back my entire childhood revolves around this one tree. It’s a big beautiful maple tree. That stood in the middle of my nana’s back yard. I can remember climbing tree, hiding behind it, reading under its shade. It has given me and countless others so much joy. But a tree is one of those things that may be go un-appreciated until it’s gone or in my case about to be gone.

Last week that beloved tree of my childhood was struck by lightning. And by the grace and mercy of God it didn’t travel to the house or any of the animals. But something has to be done about it. Nana afraid what will happen if it’s struck again? It is close to her house. She told me if I can’t find a solution the tree will have to go. That she got the number to a tree service agency from a neighbor. I cannot deny my children and hopefully grandchildren the pleasure of playing under its shade.
Last year we had a Tree Service company take care of it for us, but this time we didn’t have enough funds.

The Solution

I ask Nana if I could have a week to find another solution. With some doubt she agreed. Now I’m online looking up any possible solution of saving that old tree. Wouldn’t you believe it, they have a system called a lightening protection system. Who knew? It protects the tree by conducting the lightening. Meaning when lightning strikes there is a rod in place that it will hit the rod and not the tree. This rod runs down the trunk of the tree and out away through a rod buried underground. Similar to those rods that are placed on top of houses that are susceptible to lightning strikes

That if strikes again it will not do anything to the tree or anything around it. This means Nana can keep that tree in her back yard. Now all I have to do is find an arborist or tree service company that will install it. It turns out that that same company that Nana was going to call to have the tree cut down and removed also installs this type of system.

I have to tell Nana. I rung Nana up to let her know what I discovered she was over joyed to be able to save that old maple tree. After I hung up with Nana I called the company that was recommended to Nana and three other tree service businesses. Like with anything else it’s always good to comparison shop. Each will come out this week and give us estimates.


After all the estimates were completed we chose the company that gave us the best rate with the most experience. My kids love playing under that big old maple tree as much as I did. All their games seem to revolve it. I just know that as they grow the tree is going to be the back drop to their childhood as it was mine.

We love discovering new things like this.


Discover what it takes to be a true service based company


Today I want to write about something that’s been weighing on my mind heavy for the past 4 months and that is that there seems to be an increase of tree removal companies out there that are inexperienced people buying firewood from people. People are severely under bidding jobs and hurting the tree service industry atm, with increase in cheap tree removals that’s being done by uninsured and unlicensed individual.

This poses a major problem for many different reasons.

  1. Its very dangerous to cut down big trees, it can fall on property and cause considerable property damage and it can even kill a person which is known to take place several times each week throughout the nation. Tree service is a very dangerous business that should not be taken lightly, people risk their lives each day to do these jobs and its not the wisest decision to go for the cheapest price just because of  price factor, you have to make sure that the people you are dealing with are experienced and can handle the jobs properly and safely.
  2. The tree industry becomes over run with low quality work and home owners wonder why they are faced with more problems than they started with when they use an inexperienced tree company that’s only got 2-3 years of experience. You are facing companies that’s been around for years that have actual great equipment not being able to service you and do the job quickly and safely

Overall the customer experience of tree service is declining because of this. Many big tree companies are moving on to more commercial work these days and not looking back. When you are faced with more liabilities than reward people tend to not appreciate the job that they have to deal with, there is a certain point that tree service companies just simply cannot go much lower.

It all comes back down to risk and reward which is how every human being makes decisions in life.

There is a reason tree service needs to be priced where they are priced, it is a very specialized skilled profession, and you want the top guys to do the job for you not average Joe with a chainsaw. It is as specialized as the top Navy Seals, you need to have physical endurance and abilities as well as the ability to think on your feet and have fast response times, you also need to understand physics and geometry to know how to properly take down a large tree and make it fall where ever you desire it to fall.

There is simply a lot more to this tree service industry than what most people realize.

And its getting to the heart of the matter that’s the key to resolving our current plight of inexperienced tree removal “specialists” that is over saturating the market and making it worse for everyone involved including the home owners.

If you follow this blog then you must be aware just how passionate I am about this subject, it really does bring my blood to boil because it is not right whats happening to this industry and the brave heroes that go out there and put their life on the line everyday.