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Today I want to write about something that’s been weighing on my mind heavy for the past 4 months and that is that there seems to be an increase of tree removal companies out there that are inexperienced people buying firewood from people. People are severely under bidding jobs and hurting the tree service industry atm, with increase in cheap tree removals that’s being done by uninsured and unlicensed individual.

This poses a major problem for many different reasons.

  1. Its very dangerous to cut down big trees, it can fall on property and cause considerable property damage and it can even kill a person which is known to take place several times each week throughout the nation. Tree service is a very dangerous business that should not be taken lightly, people risk their lives each day to do these jobs and its not the wisest decision to go for the cheapest price just because of  price factor, you have to make sure that the people you are dealing with are experienced and can handle the jobs properly and safely.
  2. The tree industry becomes over run with low quality work and home owners wonder why they are faced with more problems than they started with when they use an inexperienced tree company that’s only got 2-3 years of experience. You are facing companies that’s been around for years that have actual great equipment not being able to service you and do the job quickly and safely

Overall the customer experience of tree service is declining because of this. Many big tree companies are moving on to more commercial work these days and not looking back. When you are faced with more liabilities than reward people tend to not appreciate the job that they have to deal with, there is a certain point that tree service companies just simply cannot go much lower.

It all comes back down to risk and reward which is how every human being makes decisions in life.

There is a reason tree service needs to be priced where they are priced, it is a very specialized skilled profession, and you want the top guys to do the job for you not average Joe with a chainsaw. It is as specialized as the top Navy Seals, you need to have physical endurance and abilities as well as the ability to think on your feet and have fast response times, you also need to understand physics and geometry to know how to properly take down a large tree and make it fall where ever you desire it to fall.

There is simply a lot more to this tree service industry than what most people realize.

And its getting to the heart of the matter that’s the key to resolving our current plight of inexperienced tree removal “specialists” that is over saturating the market and making it worse for everyone involved including the home owners.

If you follow this blog then you must be aware just how passionate I am about this subject, it really does bring my blood to boil because it is not right whats happening to this industry and the brave heroes that go out there and put their life on the line everyday.


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