How we saved our tree


My parents died in a plane crash when I was nine years old. I can faintly remember the smell of my mother and the laughter of my father. After their death my Nana took me in. Nana has always been kind, no nonsense type of woman. She lives on what’s used to be a farm. In the backyard there is this huge maple tree. As I look back my entire childhood revolves around this one tree. It’s a big beautiful maple tree. That stood in the middle of my nana’s back yard. I can remember climbing tree, hiding behind it, reading under its shade. It has given me and countless others so much joy. But a tree is one of those things that may be go un-appreciated until it’s gone or in my case about to be gone.

Last week that beloved tree of my childhood was struck by lightning. And by the grace and mercy of God it didn’t travel to the house or any of the animals. But something has to be done about it. Nana afraid what will happen if it’s struck again? It is close to her house. She told me if I can’t find a solution the tree will have to go. That she got the number to a tree service agency from a neighbor. I cannot deny my children and hopefully grandchildren the pleasure of playing under its shade.
Last year we had a Tree Service company take care of it for us, but this time we didn’t have enough funds.

The Solution

I ask Nana if I could have a week to find another solution. With some doubt she agreed. Now I’m online looking up any possible solution of saving that old tree. Wouldn’t you believe it, they have a system called a lightening protection system. Who knew? It protects the tree by conducting the lightening. Meaning when lightning strikes there is a rod in place that it will hit the rod and not the tree. This rod runs down the trunk of the tree and out away through a rod buried underground. Similar to those rods that are placed on top of houses that are susceptible to lightning strikes

That if strikes again it will not do anything to the tree or anything around it. This means Nana can keep that tree in her back yard. Now all I have to do is find an arborist or tree service company that will install it. It turns out that that same company that Nana was going to call to have the tree cut down and removed also installs this type of system.

I have to tell Nana. I rung Nana up to let her know what I discovered she was over joyed to be able to save that old maple tree. After I hung up with Nana I called the company that was recommended to Nana and three other tree service businesses. Like with anything else it’s always good to comparison shop. Each will come out this week and give us estimates.


After all the estimates were completed we chose the company that gave us the best rate with the most experience. My kids love playing under that big old maple tree as much as I did. All their games seem to revolve it. I just know that as they grow the tree is going to be the back drop to their childhood as it was mine.

We love discovering new things like this.


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