The tree service career path may be just right for you


The economic outlook for the tree industry is great right now and for years to come. So if you considering a career, career change or starting a business it is definitely something to look into. There are many names for a person in the tree servicing industry: grounds worker, ground maintenance, lawn care specialist, forester, tree trimmer, all of these occupational title are applicable to the tree service worker. All of which essentially does some same thing. Taking care of trees, shrubs, and vegetation.

Worthwhile Incomes

According to United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is a lucrative business. Moreover, it is a position that does not require any formal education. Just a person that does not mind hard work and the great outdoors. With a growth rate of 13% for the years 2012-2022 it is around the national average, there is a good chance of finding work in this field.

A tree service worker should expect to make an hourly rate of $15.85 or $32,960 in a year. Which is not too shabby for a job with does require any formal training, license, or education. Depending on where a person lives in a country that is enough money to ensure a stable life. But if you have a great company like one in Springfield MO then they will pay you lots more like $30 per hour depending on how good you are. So there is lots of great potential in this industry.

No Formal Education

Although this occupation does not require any type of formal education if a person wants to increase his chances of employment and secure a higher salary, he or she, should at least obtain an associate degree in arboriculture, horticulture, botany, forestry, or urban forestry. This educational background with give a person an understanding of plants, their growth patterns, how to properly care for, how to recognize disease and sickness, and a number of other things that would greatly benefit a person in this industry. As well as set this person apart from other applicants that maybe vying for the same position.

One who may be interested in this field is that person that has an eye for detail, mechanically inclined and enjoys working with his or her hands. That person that is dependable and reliable. Exhibit self-control and leadership. A person that can just as efficiently work alone or in a group. These character traits are pertinent in an industry where dangerous equipment is use and many time working in a team is necessary. There will be many instances where a person will be entrusting their life to you and yours to them. If someone is unreliable then that could lead to many work place disaster and harm.

From Employee to Business Owner

One great thing about this type of industry is that is easy to go from tree service or grounds worker to business owner. After some years of experience owning a tree service company maybe be in the works. With experiences and expertise, it would seem that that type of transition would be easy to initiate. Allowing for great earning potential in an industry that is steadily growing.

So when considering the next career move look into the tree service industry. It has the potential to lead a person down a wonderful path and into a great life. Full of reward, excitement, and satisfaction. You may discover a new life


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