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While spending 20 years in the construction business I had a pleasure of getting to know some great tree service companies here’s one of them.
A tree service that works
Townsend tree service and their work ethic, remind me so much of my brother in law, of whom I admire very much, and his work ethic. It’s all about compassion, kindness, and a job well done. Now, I am a nature lover, but I am truly not an arborist at all, because I know deep down that when it comes to understanding trees, I’m not an expert at all. Yet, I can and will tell you that when it comes to trees and tree services as a whole, that I not only care about a job well done, but I do instead demand it, and I do know that deep down, I want the same effort that I put into life, to be put into taking care of my trees.

Trees: simple, beautiful, taken care of
Trees are beautiful, and that’s just a reality of life. If there is one thing, I’ve always enjoyed, and I mean always enjoyed, it’s knowing that trees are not only special, but that they have a real meaning to me, and they matter to me, and they are important to me, my life, and the life of my family. Too often, we look at life, and we think it’s all about the rush of thing. Fast mode, then faster, and faster, but nothing could ever be further from the truth. The reality is simple; trees. Trees and their beauty, and no one takes care of my trees, exactly the way I want them to, like Townsend tree service. They are kind, compassionate, caring, and simply and truly the best of the best, and for that I am so happy.
Thorough, not rushed, thorough
You need to know something very important, and that is that it’s not about how fast you get something done, but instead it’s a real and true thorough nature, and that’s exactly what you get with Townsend tree service. You get kindness, compassion, a heartfelt and caring attitude, and so much more. They not only care, but they also put you and your needs first; always. They take their time pruning, and cutting trees with accuracy, and unlike our fast pace society, they know that it’s in the heart of who we are that makes them so much more than just another tree doctor company.
My final thoughts
Trees. Trees are beautiful, trees are special, and they should be kept up, taken care of, and so much more. Thus, be sure to get and have the absolute best. Be sure to take it slow, and appreciate it all. Be sure to do just that with Townsend tree service, taking a close look is one sure way to discover the next best companies out there.


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