There is more than just trimming trees


Don’t make your tree service business one note. If you are thinking of starting a tree service business put some diversity in the services that you will offer. Give the people more than cutting and trimming trees. How about being their one, stop, shop kind of place for all things green? They may come for the spaghetti but stay for the pie, you know what I mean? The oppurtunities for your skills are abundant. Try not to limit yourself to your basic commercial and residential tree trimming and pruning. Allow your business to have a bit of diversity in its portfolio. Master each service and the people will come.

Along with taking care of trees, allow you customers to partake of the advice of your arborist. Allow them to benefit from his or her wisdom. This could happen in any number of ways. Having a question and answer portion on your website. Alternatively, a drop box in your office where people can ask questions. Even offer arborist consultant services. Have your arborist go on site and conduct on site plant analysis and diagnostics.

Another thing to consider providing is natural resource consulting. On different type of forestry and ecological services. Maybe aiding business and communities

Especially now with some many cities allowing its residents to take over empty lots and turning them into community gardens and farms. Also providing insect, deer, and disease management.

Let us not forget utility services. Make people and other businesses aware that you offer utility safety. Have experience and training in clearing trees and branches from lines safely. In addition, are great in an emergency. Many utility companies subcontract to tree service business. There is no reason why that cannot be your business getting those subcontract and contract jobs. Over the past few years, this country has suffered from some horrible natural disasters. The only good that comes from one is the boost in the economy. A natural disaster thrust people into employments. Moreover, your tree service business should be one the first companies called with Mother Nature brings out her not so pleasant side.

In addition, of course you must offer what people expect commercial and residential tree services. Because that is the heart of the business, the bread and butter. Folks will always need someone to install a lightening protection system for their trees and evaluate their structure. Nevertheless, that does not mean that you must limit yourself to just that. There are so many opportunities out there available to you. Do not missed out of them because you are suffering from a case of tunnel vision.

If you are just starting out offering all of these services may seem like a lot. In addition, overwhelming. Make a plan and include these services those services you will like to include in your repertoire. Including a timeline and plan of when and how you will start to include these other services. In time as your business grows and matures, it will not seem like such a large task. It would seem like the most fitting thing. Kinda like how I started this blog.

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