About Me

My name is Mark and I used to run a blog on love and romance, then that blog turned into how to discover an affair as an interesting twist on my life story and how I discovered my partner was having an affair with me, this blog gained popularity because I gathered some of the best tricks out there and gathered all of it here, but over time I got over that hump, broke up with the partner and started leading my own life of purpose, and that was to raise enough money to send my two children to any school they wanted.

I worked my ass off for years in different odd jobs, but it wasn’t until I found the tree service business I had landed the jack pot and discovered what I was meant to be doing all along. I finally was getting paid what I felt I was worth and I couldn’t have been happier

I started making more money in 1 week than I did all month in previous fulfilling jobs. So this is my story on my journey to becoming that truly experienced tree care guy that is the favorite of the town, pretty soon I became so passionate about it, I changed the blog theme to everything about the tree care & home improvement world.

While still keeping the strong domain! So hope you enjoy the blog!